Hey Dipship

by Rebecca


Driving Miss Dinska

by Rebecca

I Am so lucky to have a sister. She reminded me what happiness is. She taught me it is ok to let go.

She drove an important thing on a Ducati. Relationships and the reminder of precious things.

To see her. Her face. Her smile. Her silly dance. Her laugh. Her power to make people feel good.

She gave me something I needed when I didn’t know I needed it. Acceptance of life. This thing of being around people and seeing deeper than just what we feel when lost. That hand that helped you up, gave you a nudge and if needed a moon.

When sitting by the sound of power rushing past with skies full of blue. My favorite spot in the world. We reflected as a family. A day to spend in nature. No rush. Testing limits. Limits to what you think and what you appreciate.

The fringe of string that you grasp.. was there all along. Sometimes you just need  your sister to kick your ass and show you the next step.

How I am grateful to my sister. I am luckEEEEE to have a sister like Dianna.

Dianna. If you meet her .. you know.

She is wonderful. Her special gift is showing you her love and care for you.


Today I stayed up early and watched TV till 2:00 am just because I could. I woke up at 6:30 and allowed myself to turn off the alarm of  responsibility.
Rolled out of bed to refresh with Ethical Bean Coffee. mmmmmmmm, coffee in bed while I watched the remainder of Excess Baggage.

Be faint my heart. Finally I made a decision about something I really wanted and went out to get it.

As I drove directly to the palace of nice people. Awaits me something that has sunshine and story spilling upon it.

Alas. I almost lost it for:  waiting a day.
There, infront of me, was it.
“Yes, I DO want it for my salon”

The Something. The thing, the Pièce de résistance.

The final thing to represent so many things. 13, Friday. The one I have waited for. Looked forward to. The day it is being delivered to the home of appreciation. My time with My SISTER, her WONDERFUL Partner in fun AND my MAN. My MOM & A friend.

Friday July 13th is the day to let it go. The things that hold you back. The things that bind you. The things you tell yourself is real. Like Excuses.

The eclipse of who you are comes from the decision to shine out.
Shinning in.. is harder… than shining out.

Take some attitude. Rock the world like you mean it. Feel some, do some, smile some. Take command.

Candles, coffee table, the things that make life comfortable. Sun, trees, music. The heat from inside that makes you feel to bounce. Dance, rap it up. Change the rut. Rock the hut. Play the music in your hands and heart.

Check it out man.
Scratch the record, play the itunes, await the rhyme. Play the music within you.

Make some noise, with calm and the space between the notes of noise. In the earth there is a ball of fire. In this fire is the stregth and balance that sit upon. The one legged chair. As it spins to keep us awake. If we listen. It is there.
The space between the noise is peace. Where everyone goes. Sometimes we go in the dark, in the light, with a flower on our face or just in daily life.
WE come to know this in a space of a minute when you are not ready. Ready for reality.
The reality that we are only people. Tyring to understand or ignore the reality of life. Life is what you make it. Decide it. Be it and do it.
LIfe brings the joys of birds singing, rain in a song, sunlight out your window. What is below your window.

The life around you.
Being able to breathe just like the first moment taught you.
Make some noise! Raise the roof!  Yeah. If you don’t who cares. If you do who cares. Only you. You should care of what you give. That’s it.
Just give. Look for ways to give.

All the many reasons….
to be grateful for a mental vacation.



It Ends With Me

by Rebecca


Today I commit.

Today I commit to my mom and her legacy. To:

  • let go of the childhood that hurts me
  • let go of the pain that binds me
  • let go of the sadness that stunt me
  • let go of the fear that holds me
  • let go of the anger that poisons me
  • let go of the memories that taints me
  • let go of the people that hurt me
  • let go of the decisions that wronged me
  • let go fo the feelings that bury me
  • let go fo the guilt that saddens me

Today it ends with me.

As I let your ashes go…

I let go of all of it.

So that I can hold what is left.


Freedom for you and I.

In this wind of change that carries you.

I have the freedom through you to live.

Live in the way I choose

Live in the way I need

Live in the way I feel

Live in the way I see.

Thank You

Inspired song: Don’t wait until tomorrow by seal: Bring it on.



I was watching a video that Jason Moffatt released yesterday. He was talking about how to think about your outcome.

When you are in bed and thinking about getting up.. what is the reward waiting for you.. not the things that change your mind but the things that motivate you instead.

I was thinking about the arm wrestle with fear not realizing that the other side is curiosity. Imagine if you thought about the thing that worries you. Imagine you are arm wrestling with fear.. you will be scared.. it will be terrifying, doubtful, scarry, unsure of your step. Just everything is confused. You don’t know if you have the strength, it hurts, it is hard, it is a struggle, will it hurt? All of these things take away from you.

How in the hell are you supposed to be brave? Brave in the face of what?

Instead think of wrestling with curiosity? What would your hand look like in the grip, How hard will you pull? If you win, how will you feel? If you decided to take on the hulk are you up for the challenge? If this is fun, what would you think is fun about it?  Will you muscles thank you for winning? Will you feel satisfaction in the proof that you can attempt it no less win? Regardless of the outcome you will feel triumphant to stepping up to the table, sitting down and kicking your own ass into doing it.

NOW THAT is satisfaction!

Thanks for the clarity Jason!