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Here are my rough notes about Manifest This Movie

Manifest This Movie Notes
The key to fixing procrastination.. is just do it. Do the thing whatever that thing is.

Take the step and the step will appear.

Planning, Visualizing, strategy, and the truth in business is taking ultimate action.

The moment that you take action something happens

Get off your ass and taking action.. when someone asks… how do you do that… that is just an excuse..

How do you stay motivated to keep going… you give a shit about doing what you are doing.

Just do the thing and it will work it selves out

Rock your mojo and give the gift of you.

People who happen to be lucky.. put them selves out there so that luck can find them

If you want to make something amazing happen.. you have to take action to make it happen.. just starting it gets you going in the direction you want to go. If you want to be richer etc…

talent ,discipline, stamina makes you be lucky

law of attraction is enough to get you nothing.. what takes you to success is action

The secret
You can’t think your way to success… you have to WORK at it.

the universe doesn’t give you anything (the universe is nothing).. ask believe receive.. if you ask someone who has something that you want, then you move to ASS. look like an ass, take your ass to where you are supposed to be (like work) then you will receive.

The success of someone like Suzanne Evans, Oprah, whomever.. why not you. Effort. Before Oprah was Oprah.. she was still Oprah.

Good things don’t interrupt you.. knock and the door should be open.. but you have to DO something like knock or turn the knob.. you can’t think the door open…

Sacrifice is doing something you never done to get something you have never had.
It is the only way it works. There is no other solution

Keep working on your head, working on skills, and capabilities.. selling yourself to yourself and the possibility, it should be a little risky and uncomfortable to make you excited,

If you are wiling to do what it takes.. then there has to be a way to make it happen.
Those are the people who are going to meet success..

Commitment and stick to-itness.. is the answer to any business and any level of success

There are things that you have to rearrange in your life by taking the action to make it happen, keep plugging along and keep focused ON it.. you have to think of 5 years from now and is that where you want to be?

You have to be willing to keep going even when the package isn’t pretty or convenient .

You have to start with your dream and then take action towards the goal.

If you try to make everyone happy..then you are going to be mediocre.. say what you fucking feel.. and let go and let  those people show up

Your time, energy and money are always going to reveal what is really important to you.. look at what you are “spending your time, energy and money on” this will be what really shows you what is important to you. When you track those three things then adjust your behaviours to make it a priority

You will fail anyways.. but you have to get back up if you want to succeed

Don’t try to fail just keep going, get back up and keep going.. failure will find you but you need to learn the lesson.. follow someone who has already done it. so it takes less time for you to learn the lesson,

There are bumps in the road and you have to learn from them. Failure really isn’t failure.. even when it hurts.. you just need to learn from the lesson.

Next time because of this lesson I will learn to do it better or do an alternative and at the same time you can learn from your success.

It is easy to get board or scared.. but you need to commit to your dream.

Sometimes things need tweaking, and studying and strategy when something isn’t working then you try a new way.

Falling down and success are symbiotic.
Failure is just a big experiment. We have a goal in mind.. we are willing to play with experiment.. then we are learning as we play.

You are going to fail more than you succeed but if you don’t’ try.. then your ratio of success will be none if you didn’t try (action)

In order to be successful you have to take calculated risks, you have jump in and believe, learn from your trip ups. You get up and go again after reviewing what you need to learn to be better at it.

People are idiots if they think success is going to be easy.
If life sucks then it is your fault. This is the mess I created.. take control and move forward. GET OFF YOUR ASS

If you are not accountable to yourself.. then you have a problem.. you got to be accountable to you.. YOU have to ask what difference did I make, did I do it in a way that shows that I did what I said I was going to do.

Do what you say you are going to do. This is important.. it is not about perfection. Be willing to risk that you won’t do it right.. just do it

YOU have to show up for yourself, treat yourself well first, and keep your promises to yourself, ask yourself ARE these the things that I want to commit to myself to for the long haul.. not just something that excites you for the moment. Will it excite you 5 years from now? NO? Yes?

How much responsibility am I willing to take on. It takes kahunas to be responsible, You have to follow through on the things that you say you are going to commit to.. but in essence you have to keep your word to yourself.

Accountability is the absolute thing you have to keep.

There are consequences you will hold people accountable for their behavior including our own. We should clearly communicate what we expect,

Even a poor strategy with action is more successful than someone with a great strategy and no action.

Entrepreneurship is generating the word try by doing.  Success is not be invited on the yacht but being able to paddle your own canoe

I am  going to take control and do things that I need TO DO, I am going to do it myself, I am going to choose how much I am going to make, how much I am going to work at it, and live the life I want to live by taking action towards it.

Action really works one day at a time. The more action you take the more success you see.

People settle for way to little. Keep going, break a sweat.. then that is an indicator you are on the right track.. it is all hard work. you are pretty much going to fail most of the time, it hurts your feelings, success is never easy, otherwise there wouldn’t be something to aspire to.

The key to be happy while you are striving is celebration, rinse and repeat.

There is no finish line. Pursuing growth is a bigger future. Why stop? The people who are most likely to make change are the ones who take action.
Once you get to the achievement, working on yourself and connecting to yourself  will lead to more achievement.

There is no finish line. There is just happiness and unhappiness. It is about exploration of your self and what you can do

Your dreams will come true when you take what you want.
Passion helps with the happy factor.

Everything comes down to decision. You can have whatever you want.. you can’t have it all at once. you just can’t have it all at the same time.

A finish line is a wake. It means you are dead.

Look the puppet in the eye then Get your puppet ass in the game.

We all know there is no secret.. the secret IS action

Past the effort .. it is letting go and then being in the moment of creativity.

Media scares you to make you feel incomplete so that you are a consumer… as an example: If have a trip planned you have a  destination in mind. The driving is still required but you must be in the present and seeing what is around you, and enjoy the flow of the trip.. not thinking about how long it will take you to get to the destination, why are you there yet, etc.. It is best to know where you are going BUT but noticing and being in the moment of happiness.

Make if fun and be honest.

Gamifciation : technology.. gamify what you are doing..
Sit down and study gamification and then incorporate it into your marketing
create a reward system, or some type of point system to progress what you are doing.

Voice and Purpose are more viral than anything. The world is working on structure of contribution, growth and certainty.

What is the next step? If you feel down.. you have to go out there.. not wait for people to come to you.. Go to the YES. Take the opportunity for what it is.
The numbers are deceiving: working to have 1/ $100000 client is better than  working  hard to get 10000000/ $1 clients.  It is working on the right thing.

Your truth and what you want to say is the voice and you are what you love NOT what loves you. Your voice has to be from you and not what from what everyone else is telling you. say what you actually believe not what you think people want you to say. Be your own Origin (original)

Anything worth doing requires a ton of work.
Who the hell are you doing this for? Screw everybody else.. look for ONE person, how can you help. How can you focus on them? Focus on doing one thing for one person and do it REALLY well!. Give a shit about what you produce.

Step up and be extraordinary.
Live in the brainstorm. Don’t turn off the creating. Let it go and keep it going.

You don’t need to know.. you just need to start.

When you have so many ideas ,, and no shortage of creative ideas, when you get into the flow… When you have 87 ideas, take a step back and wait to see if they still charge you and energy still holds. and the excitement is still there an hour later or even a day later.. then you know it is the right thing.

Know why you are doing it. Take the ideas which one is most monetizeable, which one is good.. if you let the others go.. and if it pops up again then you know you may need to revisit it.

You must listen to your heart  and be creative BUT that idea or creativity has to be looked at  and how it can be monetitizable.

Editing is taking out the not usable or useful and creating it into a understandable message.

You have to find the platform to express your creativity or gift  and then share it. Seek the opportunity and when it finds you. Go for it.

If you would like to be held accountable go to facebook to join the action group: Manifest This Action Takers

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