Sell It To Yourself. Yo!

by Rebecca

The only way you will sell it to yourself is if you believe in it.
So how do you believe in it?
By doing it.
Make a plan.
Do the plan
Then believe it while you see it.
You can’t sell it to others until you believe it.
You believe it so  much that if anyone says otherwise it still doesn’t matter as long it meets the following three criteria:

1. It helps others
2. It is good to the earth
3. It is good to you.

So now the only question is…
What is the thing that you believe that will get you up in the morning, that charges you with excitement and for you to continue even when you acknowledge there will be hard times while you go through them to get to the end. That end is… excitement while you do it everyday. That is what you need to start with. Excitement.

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