How An Average Gofer Girl Got Some “ACTION” At A Seminar

by Rebecca

Have you ever had the courage to ask for something and then had the satisfaction of getting it? Well I did!

After taking the Kick Ass Copy Writing Course by the writer of the one legged golfer – John Carlton – I put to use what I learned from him and my mentor Robert Gibson (my fav peep) to try my hand at salesmanship in print.

Below is the email that I wrote in 15 minutes so that I could volunteer at the seminar AND meet some amazing people behind the scenes that makes the Action Seminar as great as it is.

How an average gofer girl got some “action” at a seminar

Hi John & Stan!

Luck has nothing to do with success and ALL professional copywriters know this secret!

from Rebecca Geiger

All marketing geniuses will be at the Action Seminar this February 2011 and the plans for this course is amazing. Networking, leadership, fellowship, preparation and opportunity are meeting in the middle and something like this can always use a second hand.

I know seminars and conferences are always a ton of work and little issues pop up…

-Photocopying the last booklet because one got missed
-filling holders for name tags because the shop sent them undone
-making sure there is someone to greet guests,
-run to the store to get batteries for the microphone that stopped working,
-forgot the tie in the hotel room,
-pen stopped working and got to borrow one from the front desk
-etc etc.

If you need a gofer I am your girl!

-I can photocopy like there is no tomorrow (I know how to push buttons!)
-I can put paper in the little holders for name tags
-My business requires me to take care of people from the moment the arrive to the moment they leave (I am not shy)
-I have cash to buy batteries
-I can run to the room for the tie or ask the waiter for his, somehow I will get one!
-I am bold enough to ask anyone for a pen
-you need help at the end of the day to pack up…

If you want a gofer to get some “action” at your seminar…

Just click “reply” in this email to order her now!
Yours Free!

There is no risk for hiring her because it costs you nothing and saves you from running around yourself so that you can get important stuff done!. Make your seminar a success with a second hand on your side.

ps. sometimes even the big dogs need professional popper scoopers :)

Please hurry before she gets some “action” somewhere else.
Act now and push reply.


This little email is one of the most funnest moments of my life because I got to use a skill that I learned from one of the best writers in the world so that I could connect with him in person.

I just wanted to say Thank You: John, Stan, Carrie, Gail & Chevy for making this the most exciting seminar I have ever attended and allowing me to use a skill I learned from you so that I could meet you in a totally unique way.

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