It’s Better To Do And Be Wrong

by Rebecca

I was painting today and thinking. It is better to do and be wrong than want something and never do anything about it.  Pick and color and Go!

Very often we decide we want something, think about  it and think about it and never do anything about it because we are scared that if we do and not like it then we are wrong.

The funny thing about this, like weight loss, is that we are REALLY great at tricking our self. A very good barometer to see if you want something bad enough is that you make a plan and then follow it. If you keep saying you want something but you don’t commit to it, like making a plan and doing ONE thing a day about it every day. Whether it is a small decision or a big one and you haven’t taken ONE step towards the end goal… the you have to face reality.

Look at what you want. Have you done anything today about it? No? Then you have to give it up, give it away and forget about. Be brutal. Burn all bridges either take the leap and cross over, commit or stay on the other side OR watch the bridge that leads you towards your dream, burn the hell down, at your feet. Watch all of your opportunity for excitement disintegrate in front of you. Sounds delightful.

Well there it is, your future. One side or the other. You HAVE to chose!

WARNING! The steps on this bridge are many and difficult BUT if you decide to cross over, the hardest decision has been made. You are going, the bridge is burnt once you decide to cross over, there is no going back and off to the future of fun you go.

Life is just a simple decision. You either do.. or you don’t. No one really cares if you do or don’t work on your dreams. Only you at the end can say that you did.

Go forth, paint your life the way you want and be grateful for the colors you chose.

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