Frank Kern’s State of the Internet Address

by Rebecca

Hey Peeps: Here are my notes from the great Frank Kern

I always take notes from genius’ and I believe he is one of them. I love how he shares his wisdom and how willing he is to poke fun at himself.

Because of his willingness to spend time making a video to guide people, share helpful information I thought I would follow his lead and share the notes that I had taken from his most recent video. Enjoy!

Pillar #1

Attraction of New Qualified Leads into your sales funnel

Pillar #2

Convert Qualified Leads into customers into happy customers

Pillar #3

Conversion of those customers into repeat customers

Focus your business on these three pillars your business will be solid

A question to ask yourself about your own marketing campaigns is:
Did it result in a conversion to help a customer.

Level1.small and big business are spending money on internet adverting
there isn’t very much value in brand awareness but conversion of profits is a better focus

Level2. Focus all marketing efforts on the three pillars

All segments have lots of money to squander on stuff during the boom. The bubble burst when that segment no longer has surplus money but business are still trying to serve that market by then dropping prices which then creates the cycle of doom.

First realize that not everyone is suffering (it is just illusion) there are lots of people out there, the quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask.
A better questions is this:

What can we sell to people with money, for a premium price that will be of greater value to them than the money they paid us?

What can we sell to people with money? There are people with money in any market being 80/20 rule. 20% of the population has 80% of the money and they will be willing to purchase your stuff.

To test your niche, try ppc ads, test a few banner ads on the specific websites that have activity in the niche that you are going to attract (be specific) Find out where the people with money go, stick your stuff in front of those people

You can try offline, don’t just rely on only ONE method of marketing, you can research any market through their buying habits, SRDS and get a subscription with a list of people which helps you identify those markets
“no wonder he is rich look at everything he does”

Create your focus on the 20% of people who are spending money

It is easier to service a higher quality customer at a Premium Price then selling cheap things to anyone.
So what could you do that serve a greater value than money you are charging.

High Value customers want speed, they want to know what to do and how to do it in the quickest way possible. Need help? call me! Speed of results and giving greater level of personal attention is the key. If you can move them towards action instead of time spent studying (which leads to less action), more personalized, answers to their questions they would be willing to pay to have that service.

Because there is so much hate and fear that is out there it would seem logical that the world buys into this realm.. People want Hope (and funny enough this is where the video cut out on me LOL)

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