WordPress Magic Wand – SEO Traffic Getting Plug-In

by Rebecca

Ever heard of Jeff Johnson Under Ground Training Lab? Free Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin? What a man. If you want some  plug-ins that rock your blog Whooooa, here it is!

When I set up my blog for the first time I installed my first version. I learned how to install plug-ins but for whatever reason they wouldn’t work. I spent HOURS trying to figure out. Tweaking things, reading forums.. oh gosh the pain.  How the dang does this work?   I happened to sign up for Jeff Johnsons newsletter so that I could receive the Free Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin. This so should not be free. I think at least $60 bucks if not more for the time I spent (3+ hours – I lost track after that).

First it was a time saver. Second it fixed all my problems on my blog for twitter plug-ins, gave me tips OMG! Third, it was EASY!

Free and Easy is what most people like but the value of this plug in is completely priceless. Because of getting this plug in I am now beginning to read his blog, watching his videos and learning some pretty amazing things. If you are using a wordpress blog.. Go Get THEE a WordPress Magic Wand  plug in.

Thats all.. I know you will enjoy!

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