Mike Dillard Has The Remedy Of Information Overload

by Rebecca

The Daily 5 and it ain’t no show.

I was watching a video that Mike Dillard  just released this morning. The funny thing is.. he had 1400 comments on his blog. NOW THAT is information overload. I read many of the comments and they all resounded with the same message. “I feel lost and overloaded with all the things that I need to learn and I am going in circles.

The Process of  information overload:

  1. You become fired up over something you are excited about.
  2. The phase of mastery includes information overload
  3. 2 moments of critical information (slow down and remember to focus on what matters or crash and stop and leave the program)
  4. Make a decision about what to do next. Flounder and keep going on the rut or look to others who are successful at what you want to do and then follow and do the same thing

Mike’s  View of the Process and his choice that made him successful :

  1. Refocus on the big picture
  2. Focus on Basics Business

What does that mean?

  1. Build a list
  2. Build a relationship with that list
  3. Provide valuable solutions to your list.

How do you start?

  1. Get traffic from ONE source that you are are most interested in!! ( PPC,SEO, Social Media,) PICK ONE! Forget about the rest. Master it.
  2. Learn Copy-writing!


Crazy isn’t it?

Think of it this way. Remember when you have a boss who is looking over your shoulder and TELLING you what to DO! You do it. They expect you to do it  and you do it. Having a business of your own and learning to tread the waters can be a challenge to learn how to be effective. You have to be everything in your business until you have the means to delegate. And even then your learning doesn’t stop.

The real thing to note is that you must work on your business not just in it.

I find that Mike certainly knows what the market needs to know and delivers it to them when they recognize that they need it. That is what leaders do. This comes from being in tune with yourself and knowing that the feelings that you are experiencing are alerts to encourage change.

The change is here. Right now. So now that you have your formula on how to become effective what are you going to do?

Before you go to bed tonight make a list of 5 most important CRITICAL tasks that you need to do tomorrow. Don’t work on anything else until the daily 5 are done. This is what Mike did to achieve his goals.

1. Read chapter one of copywriting :

2. Watch the first video mastering  traffic.

3. Find out about The  Short Cut System of  “What’s Working Now”

4. Be specific about what you need to accomplish

5. Review.

So be a Commenting Ninja and tell me what your Daily 5 will be starting tomorrow.!

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