Sensory Deprovator 5000- How I Met Your Mother

by Rebecca

I watched the final episode of How I Met Your Mother on April fools morning. I had my Sensory Deproavator 5000′s on because we don’t have cable and had to wait until the next morning when it was available online.

I totally understand what this whole season was about.

Starting with the first episode of season nine… it was painful, boring, want it over and done with, can’t stand to watch it.. every minute of the countdown was horrendous. ..


Not that the show ending was amazing.. but the realization that this whole season put you in the shoes of Ted. YOU FELT what TED would feel from his perspective.

Watching someone you love and your best friend (2n’d best friend) get married and every moment leading up to it including the hope that it will turn around for you… is painful to go through.

Every episode, every lead up, every joke was always about hope.

Hope that you will be in love some day, have the things that you want in life, that friends will prevail, that the happiest times of your life are not behind you but ahead of you.

In one hour the writers, producers, the actors and actresses, the people who make the sets, the outfits all of it is just a blur when you get that as long as you have hope you will have everything you need.

Sometimes you have to accept a new kind of happiness and that can lead you to the things you wanted all along.. but just not in the way you thought.

It can come from giving up things you hold on to. Try not to worry by opening yourself to the world.. you will be surprised by the support you are given by the asking.

Get up and dance, get on with it.. and allow yourself to think of a new way, a new path and allow the future to unfold in front of you.

Sometimes you just have to take off the Sensory Depr0vator 5000 and see the world in the way you make it.



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