I am ready for a change

by Rebecca

I have been struggling for a long time and realized it is because of my own doing.
Feeling hostage in my own rut.. I didn’t know what to do.

Until Celine. She told me… a change is as simple as a little bit more.

It isn’t about changing and feeling bad.. it is the challenge of a little more.

That little more, like.. not thinking of being able to do something.

It stems from seeing a tiny little goal that you can achieve but don’t believe you can.
Sometimes you have to say “fuck It” and at the very LEAST.. you try it.

I was thinking what is it that I a missing that I used to know how to do… Run

Run to a dream, run to be excited about life, run because it makes you glow, run because you can, run because you know how it feels when you give it a shot, run because it is about that little feeling, run because you can close your eyes, trust yourself and be able to run with the colors of the sun flickering past your eyes and the feel of the wind on your arms, hear the crunch of the leaves below your feet and that feeling that your brain is just along for the ride ON this amazing body machine you own… it is yours, the only one you got…
that feeling.. my gift.. IS ME!

I want to run again and she told me how. Just to the picnic table.. just think.. picnic table. It isnt’ far.. but it is a small commitment to try and know that once day.., you will run again because.. you tried. Even if it is different that what you remember.. It is about the new experience of every day, trying a little harder, trying something new to see if it works, discovering new feelings inside your self or even revisiting experienced ones.

Having an hour OF yourself.. Getting to know your weakness and figuring out how to make them your strength, the joy of being IN yourself for an hour, worshiping the world by being IN Joy.

I know what exercise does.. but I forgot how it FEELS. I have felt those euphoric  joys of living inside the thing I should value the most. The body I have been given.

The body that will forgive me for the things I said about it, how it responds to time, the feelings of not being perfect, comparing it to others, not watering it, not being in the sun or how it works with others. There is no other time left..

THERE is not a time to neglect the body any longer. It is YOUR valuable asset. DO YOU REALIZE?. HEY! THIS IS THE ONLY BODY YOU WILL HAVE! NO RETURN POLICY, NO EXCHANGES, NO COMPLAINTS, NO ADJUSTMENTS, NO REFUNDS! .. or whatever else you try to swindle on the purchase.

So the little thought I have to think of is” push away the things” like.. push away the sugar to the picnic table, and just run to the picnic table.. it is the same picnic table, but this time… The picnic is gonna be the difference.. not the sweetness of heaviness but the joy in the lightness.¬† Same picnic table. What is it that will draw you from the chest and drag you to the encompassing happiness that is. Joy, understanding your limiting beliefs, figuring out the feeling of the goal, what each month you want to experience or at least to try it… I wish you Joy. 2013

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