Time is money well spent on things you love

by Rebecca


When you think of all the luggage, baggage, purses, clutches, wallets, coin holders.
All of those things contain your time.

Time it took for you to earn the money to buy it, the time it takes for you to pack it, the time it takes for you to drag or carry it. All the time in the world doesn’t pay for happiness.

If you had a bank clock on your arm that told you how much time(money) you had and it ran consistanly how you spent it. What would you spend your time(money) on? 4 minutes of your life on a cup of coffee? or 1 month of your life cost the a hotel room?

Would you be spending your time on those things? If you had 24 hours to spend on YOUR life what would that be? Running because that is all you had? Would you run to the next thing to get it all in? Would you give someone you loved a hug?

Before you spend more time(money) on something like a chair or a magazine.. would you give up 1 hour of your life out of 24 hours for that magazine?

Your time really is money. Sometimes people would rather hold on to the things that they paid for with their time, don’t let anyone else enjoy it because they feel like they are being taken advantage of.

Sometime the joy of having things makes you slow down.. but those who have “everything” that they want may not have the one thing that they crave. The excitement of living everyday like it is your last. Yes being on the other side of the table where you get served as opposed to serving can be  lonely place.

Things don’t fill the holes in what you miss in your life.. it is the people who have the luggage, wallets, coin purses, and clutches that just need help with their time.
Your time if spent wisely is in the way of looking at each person as a solution to their  problem  they have. Sometimes it really boils down to giving your time.. but also making sure your time is ALSO being spent wisely. Not just waisting it.

If you had a million years to spend on things.. would you be spend it on what you have now? How about 1 week? The temptation of a bounty of time? What would your dream time look like? Is it what it is now?

So my question for you is… How about some time RIGHT NOW.. sit down, stop, write down all of your luggage, baggage, tickle trunk, semi, what ever things that you are carrying around that you have chosen to buy and spend your time one.. is it what you want now?

No? My guess is not. Because of what ever reason is stopping you. The only thing is a quick fix isn’t as satisfying as consistent simple small achievable goals that snowball into an avalanche.. it just takes one step.. toward the time that you want.

So. I have given you 24 hours to think about how you are going to spend your (time for money).
Report below what you have been given in the last 24 hours.. and what the next 24 hours are going to bring.. not what you should expect them to be (bad or good) but of what you are going to make them exciting, fulfilled, happy, to surprise someone… including YOU!

ps. the spider photo is a representation of things that sometimes scare you.. but if you look at your fear with fascination.. it changes your perspective of what you fear..

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