If Anger had a value of $130 – Choose to be Be in the Black

by Rebecca

If every time you had a negative feeling and it cost you money.

How much are you willing to buy Anger? That’s right Bob. Money.

To feel entitled to be angry.. you had to pay, like you had to pay for coffee.

You know that moment. When you are in a conversation and you can feel the anger for not being heard, appreciated or looked down upon. (or that is YOUR view of it)… That you feel the anger starting at the pit of your stomach and it is bubling up and you don’t know why.. you just feel it. STOP.

Ok.. Now.. that you feel that feeling.. you can stop the conversation and tell them you need a minute to process this.

Absorb all that they are telling you. They are trying to get through what you think.. and talk about what you know. They are trying to teach you to value yourself.. It is either with the advice they are trying to help you with or they are telling you.. you need to walk away from the situation it brings and let it go.

Amazing.. even if you are in the conversation and even if you choose not to tell the ” I need a minute to process this because what you have said is important and for me to understand what you are trying to say so that I understand it correctly”. This is a way to honor them and yourself. To ackowlege the value of what they have to say and know to then magnitize it to you and what you need to learn and then KNOW. Know that anything they say to you is what they know and how you allow it to affect you is what you need to choose to know.

Ok. So this is where it gets more tricky. If you had a situation that makes you feel raw in the nerve.. and you can feel it building.. what can you notice about the situation you are in AND now that you recognize the feeling.. AND you are now going to choose to feel a certain feeling… What are you willing to pay for that feeling.

So Mr Bob Barker says to you:

If you had a budget and you could spend each minute in 24 hours on feelings what would YOU BUY?

YOU HAVE $1,000.00 A DAY to spend of feelings… How would you spend it?

Anger -  5 Minutes.. $130

If you want the list of value of feelings.. check this out…

Colored Feelings Menu Prices

Happiness is FREE.. Be in the black.

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