Stuck at the highschool

by Rebecca

Today was a rather interesting day!

The thought about where.

Where are your feelings today?

Are you stuck?

Have you given a thought about being.

Being a human who is in being. Be here and at “this” moment.

It is “that” moment that you use to stop growing. That longing for.. “do you remember when…”

When you get stuck in trying to be the person you used to be..

It is the transition to realizing who you are and what you choose to do.. is how to be.

If “this” is the moment that you are supposed to be in (the “don’t live in the past or live in the future, it is the now” It is the moment you are stuck in.. not in the making of a decision… but of being in the moment but today’s moment.. but of another.. where you were happy, you were excited, felt good, felt in sync, been in the right place and time… but the key is to also recognize that this moment is where you are supposed to be.

IT is just the same. The moment now and the moment it was then. It is just the moment. But when you are stuck.. you wonder how long you can go on like this.

That is when, this is when.. right now you say no more.. today AND tomorrow that yesterday will no longer hold you here. Because here and right now is where you want to be.. because really that is the only choice you make.

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